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Smoofl Dog Ice Mix Hundeiskrem Vannmelon

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Smoofl Dog Ice Mix  er en herlig, velsmakende hundeiskrem-miks som lett kan lages hjemme! I iskremboksen følger 10 spiselige iskrem-pinner med i tillegg til hundeiskrem-miksen med vannmelonsmak. 160 g

Former til å lage hundeisen i selges separat.

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Smoofl om Dog Ice Mix Hundeiskrem:

  • 10 edible Joy Sticks included
  • Ready in 60 seconds
  • Clean to eat
  • Recipe 100% for dogs

Spoil your furriend with our Smoofl Mix for Dog Ice in the flavour Watermelon.

The mix comes with 10 edible sticks for your 4-legged friend to enjoy. Ready in just 60 seconds, Smoofl Dog Ice is very easy to make. On top of that the Smoofl ice treat is clean to eat!
The new edible sticks allow your furriend to enjoy every part of the Smoofl ice treat. No waste, only Smoofl! The Ice Treats are 100% tailored to your pawesome friend and are lactose-, grain- and fat free so every dog can Smoofl with gusto.

One pot of Smoofl mix will make 10 small, 8 medium or 6 large size dog ice treats.Combine with the Smoofl ice moulds for a pawtastic result. The Smoofl moulds are sold separately.

Composition Smoofl Mix

Fructose, maltodextrin, guar gum, tapioca starch, cellulose powder, melon juice concentrate, additives: contains natural colorants. Analytical Constituents: 0.39% crude protein / 0.22% crude fat / 0.35% crude fibers / 0.12% raw ash / 4.00% crude ash

Composition Smoofl Joy Sticks

Tapioca starch, sweet potato starch, pea starch, cellullose, yeast powder, vegetable glycerine, calcium carbonate, potassium sorbate. Analytical Constituents: 4.60% crude protein / 0.30% crude fat / 4.00% crude fibers / 4.00% raw ash / 16.00% crude ash

Complementary feed for dogs. Good for +- 10 treats for a small dog and +- 6 for a large dog. Feed 1 snack per day under supervision. Includes 10 edible sticks. Mould for Dog Ice not included.



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